Lawlessness In Chicago: Video Shows City Bus Driver Beaten By Mob Of Teens

Chicago, a city controlled by the Democrat machine for 90s years.

Absolutely disgusting to see.

The 49-year-old bus driver was dragged and punched in the middle of the street by a large group of youths as onlookers cheer and record the attack.

Fox 32 in Chicago reports that a 15-year-old boy has been charged.

Chicago Transit Authority union president Keith Hill is demanding a greater police presence and stiffer penalties.

Hill says:

"Our drivers are furious. They are beyond scared, they are upset they are sitting ducks in that seat. The most important thing is we need police presence, we need stiffer penalties. You can ban a person from going into a store or a sports event, but we can’t ban nobody from taking public transportation no matter how many times they assault us?"

You can thank the Democrats.

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