Punks Arrested After Trashing UK Store In Massive Brawl

The crazy fight broke out at a JD Sports store in Manchester, England.

Surveillance video shows men throwing clothing racks across the store and hitting each other with mannequin parts.

The Manchester Evening News reports:

“Cain Gordon, 20, was seen on CCTV from the store in the Manchester Fort Retail Park, entering the shop and producing a baton from his shorts.
As he entered alongside two others, Levi Murray, 19, and a third man, they proceeded to attack a group of young men in front of horrified customers, including small children, and staff.
In footage played at Manchester Crown Court, the three enter the shop in Cheetham Hill before Murray, of Salford, was handed the baton by Gordon.
Murray then swung a baton directly towards a male, before turning his attention to another man who defended himself by launching a rack of clothes over him.
The video then showed the third defendant appearing to throw a bottle of water on another two men before one of the victims picked up a long piece of furniture pole which he brandished at Murray.
Gordon, of Manchester, was then seen to throw the furniture rack and pick up and throw a mannequin, with the third defendant pulling the arm of a mannequin to use as a club.”

Officials say the men did just over $5,000 in damage to the store

The Daily Mail reports:

"Gordon, of Crumpsall, was jailed for 22-and-a-half months after pleading guilty to criminal damage, possession of an offensive weapon in a public place and affray.
Murray, of Salford, was jailed for 20 months for the same offences.
Another man who admitted affray, received a 26 month community order."

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