3-Year-Old Boy Who Went Missing In Grimes County Is Found Alive

Simple an incredible story.

Three-year-old Christopher Ramirez goes missing on Wednesday after following a dog into the woods in Grimes County.

His family, along with first responders and volunteers spend the next several days searching the woods for him.

On Saturday morning, Christopher was found alive & safe by a landowner.

Christopher was reunited with his mother before he was taken to the Texas Children's Hospital in The Woodlands for evaluation. 

He remains in the hospital; he was reportedly dehydrated when he was found.

The Grimes County Sheriff’s Office says Christopher will likely be released today.

They say they will give him an escort home.

Tim Miller with Texas EquuSearch, assisted with searcher efforts he tells KPRC-TV:

"In 21 years of doing this, this is the only the second time and I remember the first time, and that was only after a day.At the end of the day yesterday it was like ‘I wonder if it’s even worth it’ and you know all these different speculations and everything go through your head and it was unbelievable.”

Authorities do not believe foul play was involved in Christopher’s disappearance.

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