TX County Commissioner Arrested For Mail-In Ballot Harvesting Fraud Scheme

Again, this is why the left is fighting so hard for nationwide mail-in ballots.

Four people in Gregg, County (in Northeast Texas) have been arrested for committing voter fraud steal a 2018 primary victory.

Shannon Brown, a Democrat Gregg County commissioner along with his wife, Marlena Jackson along with Charlie Burns and DeWayne Ward, now face numerous felony charges over a scheme to falsely claim voters were disabled in order to obtain absentee ballots which were then harvested.

Brown won his March 2018 primary by a total of five votes.

The Texas Tribute reports:

“…a much greater share of his (Brown’s) support coming from absentee ballots. The indictments involve the ballots or applications for ballots of about 38 voters, and most counts accuse Brown and the others of “intentionally [causing] false information to be provided on an application for ballot by mail,” with an application indicating that “the voter was disabled, when in fact the voter was not disabled.”
An investigation into the election was announced in May 2018. The Gregg County grand jury issued indictments for 134 total counts against the four, with multiple overlapping charges involving the roughly three dozen voters.”

The four are accused of delivering mail-in votes in exchange for money or what is known as “ballot harvesting”.

The indictment alleges that the group targeted young, able-bodied voters to cast ballots by mail by fraudulently claiming they were disabled in order to increase the pool of ballots needed to swing the race in Brown’s favor.

KETK-TV reports:

“A grand jury returned indictments on 23 felony counts against Commissioner Brown, 97 felony counts against Marlena Jackson, eight felony counts against Charlie Burns, and six felony counts against DeWayne Ward. The Office of the Attorney General was assisted by the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office during the investigation. The Texas Attorney General will prosecute this case alongside the Gregg County District Attorney.”