Biden Once Again Refuses To Comment On Court Packing

Yesterday, a reporter once again asked Biden for his thoughts on the plan supported by Democrats to expand the Supreme Court and fill it with liberal justices. And once again he refused to answer the question.

Last week, during a local interview with a Wisconsin TV-station, Biden was asked about the Democrat party’s push to pack the Supreme Court.

He said in that interview, “it’s a legitimate question. But let me tell you why I'm not going to answer that question: because it will shift all the focus. That’s what he wants. He never wants to talk about the issue at hand. He always tries to change the subject.”

Yesterday, a reporter asked for his thoughts on the matter, he said “I know you’re gonna be upset with my answer, but what I’m not gonna do is play the Trump game, which is a good game he plays – take your eye off the issue before us.If I were to say yes or no to that, that becomes a big issue.That’s the headline here.”

Why won’t Biden answer the question?

Washington Post’s Marc Thiessen points out that:

“He is reluctant to do so because if he says no, then he will dispirit his base; and if he says yes, then he will drive reluctant Trump voters for whom the Supreme Court is a deciding issue into Trump’s arms once again...
...many reluctant Trump voters cast their ballots for the president precisely because of the Supreme Court. And they were pleased with his appointments. Polls showed that 86 percent of reluctant Trump voters supported his nomination of Neil M. Gorsuch, for example. The debate over court packing, combined with the coming smear campaign against Trump’s nominee, could drive many of these reluctant Trump voters back into the president’s camp.”

So a lot of malarkey from the 'no malarkey' guy.