Podiatrist's Video Of Removing A Man's Thick, Overgrown & Infected Toenail

Tampa, Florida Podiatrist Dr. Todd Brennan posted to his YouTube channel a nauseating video showing him removing a man’s overgrown, infected toe nail.

The man was treated for ram's horn nail, or onychogryphosis. It causes the nails to grow thick and curvy, and can be difficult to get rid of.

Dr Brennan said the man's overgrown nail had been rubbing on his other toes, shoes and socks, but did not reveal how long it had been a problem.

Due to the nail being so bad, the only option was to completely remove it because topical creams or oral medicines wouldn't help. 

This is only done when the thickening is so bad that despite repeated clippings or standard treatment the nail does not return to its normal, healthy state. 

He started by softening the skin around the sides and nail bed, after he applied a numbing cream.

Using a sharp tool, he dug underneath the nail to separate it from the skin.Then, he cut the nail off in one motion, which he said was often much easier when the nail has reached such a bad state.  Underneath the nail was bare skin which oozed deep, red blood.

After the procedure,Dr. Brennan joked that the patient should have kept the nail for Halloween.

Dr. Brennan’s YouTube channel, Healthy Feet Podiatry, has more than 173,000 subscribers and features other gory procedures.

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