Lifestyles Unlimited is the expert real estate investing education and mentoring group that walks individuals through the process of creating passive income by effectively investing in residential real estate assets, from Single Family homes to large-scale Multifamily apartment communities; and connects like-minded investors!

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(March 29, 2023) An Adventure of Discovery | Lifestyles Unlimited Real Estate Investor Radio Show

(March 28, 2023) Reap the Benefits of Real Estate Investing: Leveraging Your Returns | Lifestyles Unlimited Real Estate Investor Radio Show

Al Gordon interviews Michael, J. a Lifestyles Unlimited Ambassador who has built a passive investment portfolio of 75 Multifamily properties! Michael shares his strategies on reinvesting profits and handling capital gains to leverage future real estate returns. Listen to gain valuable insight from this experienced investor and find out how you can start creating your own financial freedom!

(March 27, 2023) Escape From the Tight Budget: Strategies for Achieving Financial Freedom | Lifestyles Unlimited Real Estate Investor Radio Show

Was your last vacation on a shoestring budget? Mike Harrison shares his most recent Lifestyle getaway and how liberating it was to not be worried about money. Diving into the mailbag, he answers how to create $10K monthly passive income by talking through strategies based on the listener's specific situation. Remember, effective real estate investments secure a store of value and hedge against inflation, so take control of your destiny today!

(March 27, 2023) The Safest Place to Invest Your Money in Today's Market | Del Walmsley Radio Show

Financial planners like to invest in both the bond market and the stock market, believing that they won’t crash at the same time. Del Walmsley points out the flaws in this logic that could cost you big time and opens the mailbag to respond to questions about the most effective way to build wealth in today’s economy.

(March 24, 2023) Tyler and Amber’s Journey - From 2 Single Family Properties to 3 Multifamily Syndications | Lifestyles Unlimited Real Estate Investor Radio Show

Tyler and Amber joined Lifestyles Unlimited in 2017 with 2 Single Family rental houses and are now Lead Investors™ in 3 Multifamily communities! Sharing their story with Andy Webb, find out what inspired this schoolteacher and executive duo to embark on this life-changing journey and become successful real estate investors!

(March 24, 2023) The Real Value of Real Estate | Del Walmsley Radio Show

If you think the real estate market has peaked, you’re not seeing the whole picture. Del Walmsley opens the mailbag to answer and address tough topics, giving his take on where lines should be drawn and where real estate prices are heading.

(March 23, 2023) Achieving Financial Security and Long-Term Wealth Through Real Estate Investing | Lifestyles Unlimited Real Estate Investor Radio Show

Sharing his journey to financial security and long-term wealth, Al Gordon recounts his initial foray into investing as a kid and how decades later the decision to invest in real estate put him in the position to retire himself. Diving into a property analysis, Al demonstrates the path to real estate success!

(March 23, 2023) Uncovering the Truth: The 4 Most Common Lies in Real Estate Investing | Del Walmsley Radio Show

Have you heard the buzzwords “wholesaling” or “pro forma” around real estate investing? You may have heard statements like "you marry the property you're buying, but you're dating the financing," or "the bigger the real estate deal, the better the deal." But what are these tactics and lies based on, and why don't they work? Del Walmsley reveals why this kind of "wisdom" can lead to disastrous results!

(March 22, 2023) Creating a New Path_ The Story of Overcoming Adversity to Find Success | Lifestyles Unlimited Real Estate Investor Radio Show

Al Gordon recounts the inspiring story of Peter, a man who endured an unimaginable challenge when he broke his neck and became wheelchair-bound. Despite this immense adversity, Peter decided to stay positive and look for opportunities for growth and improvement. He joined Lifestyles Unlimited in 2017 and not only achieved financial security for retirement but also became a LU Ambassador! Discover the steps that allowed Peter to change his financial situation and create lasting abundance.

(March 22, 2023) Mail Bag Day - Del Walmsley on Identifying Profitable Real Estate Investments | Del Walmsley Radio Show

Del Walmsley dives into the mail bag to answer questions from real estate investors of all levels; specifically helping Damon who is struggling to find the right deal in his city. With his unique and unconventional wisdom, Del guides listeners toward their highest investor potential by sharing insight on how to evaluate deals and craft strategies to identify profitable opportunities!