Planned Parenthood is waging a billboard war to ensure the killing continues

For an organization with "Parenthood" in its name, Planned Parenthood isn't very interested in parenting. That's why they save their most ire to fight any effort to limit abortion. I'll tell you about their latest effort in just a minute.

Remember, any opposition to Planned Parenthood is automatically construed as being against women's health. You don't want women to get access to basic healthcare because you don't care about women. You're just part of the white patriarchy.

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Think about where we are in this debate, if you can call it a debate anymore – defending unborn humans means you're against women's rights. The Left is genius at twisting logic and then making it mainstream.

For an organization that claims to care so deeply about basic female health issues, Planned Parenthood focuses most of its firepower and resources on defending abortion. The latest example is their billboard campaign across Iowa to try to get people to "say abortion." Go ahead, just say it. Just let it roll off the tongue and feel the stigma of murder fade away. Planned Parenthood says, "…we are shifting the narrative so all people can talk openly about abortion."

Planned Parenthood is waging their billboard war because the governor of Iowa recently signed into law one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation. Known as the "fetal heartbeat law," it bans most abortions in the state after a baby's heartbeat is detected, which can be as early as six weeks. Wow – the notion that it might be a baby human in there with a heart, and that we might need to try to protect it from death. The law has not taken effect yet, pending a lawsuit by Planned Parenthood.

Abortion is the only billboard-worthy cause for Planned Parenthood, because abortion is a profitable industry.

Each billboard features the face of a woman who has supposedly had an abortion, next to a quote saying, "I had an abortion and I am not apologizing." Another version says, "I had an abortion and it was just health care."

Interesting that we don't see Planned Parenthood billboards urging women to get that mammogram or cholesterol check. Abortion is the only billboard-worthy cause for Planned Parenthood, because abortion is a profitable industry. It is the cause that keeps them in business.

Yes, Planned Parenthood is zealously devoted to women's health and defending women's rights – just not the health and rights of women that are still in the womb. Those women are apparently expendable.

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