We are all now dumber for what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had to say

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to sound like college student in an Introduction to Philosophy class, full of misinformation and ridiculous analogies and downright mistruths.

In her recent interview with PBS's Margaret Hoover, socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called Israel "the occupiers of Palestine."

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Boy, she's really flexing that degree in International Relations from Boston University. Then there's this:

Well, I think the numbers that you just talked about is part of the problem. Right? Because we look at these figures and we say, oh, unemployment is low. Everything is fine, right? Well, unemployment is low because everybody has two jobs. Unemployment is low because people are working 60, 70, 80 hours a week and can barely feed their kids.

Uhhhh. Do what now?

As reported by Politifact, which awarded Ocasio-Cortez with the label of "Pants on Fire" on the Truth-o-Meter: "The Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps track of how many people work two jobs rather than just one. Over the past 12 months, the number of multiple job holders has ranged between 6 million and 7 million. That compares to more than 148 million Americans who are employed in a single job."

That difference is not only outlandishly different from Ocasio-Cortez's claim, it's dauntingly wrong. Look at the difference on a graph and, in comparison to the number of single jobholders, the portion of multiple jobholders barely appears. It's not anywhere close. In other words, Ocasio-Cortez is telling a lie—no, it's more than that, she's arrogantly stating a lie as if it is undeniable fact.

Host Margaret Hoover's measured response is excellent:

And so I do think that right now, we have this no-holds-barred wild West hyper capitalism, what that means is profit at any cost. Capitalism has not always existed in the world. And it will not always exist in the world. When this country started, we were not a capitalist -- we did not not operate on a capitalist economy. You know, the benefit of capitalism is that you engage in voluntary trade and because it creates value, it is the system that, unlike all the others has lifted more people out of poverty over the course of human history than any other system.

Ocasio-Cortez responded:

Well, so I think that those things that you talk about, that you discuss, are part of the course of human evolution. And so I would hope that the most recent economic system -- our current economic system is the one most beneficial for everyday people. But what we're also starting to say to see is that, first of all, I think when we talk about socialist -- especially Democratically socialist economies, first of all, they're done with the full input of everybody. You vote. It's democratic. So if something is not a good idea, it doesn't get voted for, ideally.

Oh, she must be talking about the totally corruption-free elections of socialist countries like USSR, Mao's China, Cuba—or, more recently, the "elections" held in Venezuela. Yeah, totally better than the "democracy" we have here in America. Does Ocasio-Cortez actually believe this crap? For some reason I get the impression she's never stepped foot in a socialist country. I mean—ugh, never mind. Actually, here's the only thing I have to say about Ocasio-Cortez and anything she has to say:

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