The golden arches just got flipped upside down — because women

Political activism has infected one of the most important institutions in America: McDonald’s.

Since today is “International Women’s Day,” a McDonald’s in California has flipped its golden arches upside down to resemble a “W.”

Get it? It was an “M” which is bad because “men” starts with an “M,” but now they’ve turned it into a “W” to celebrate women.

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McDonald’s as a whole is following suit on all their digital platforms as well.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I thought McDonald’s celebrated women every day. They employ women at all levels. Many of their customers are women. They make sure they have both girl and boy-centric Happy Meal toy options.

“What’s next? A trans-gendered Ronald McDonald and Grimace?”

Do they need to celebrate women even more? What’s next? A trans-gendered Ronald McDonald and Grimace?

Anyone with a brain cell knows this is just a pandering marketing campaign. And it will work.

But will it do anything? Will sexism and gender inequality just disappear because they turned their sign upside down?

I’m guessing no.

I would argue that McDonald’s already does a wonderful job at eradicating inequality between the sexes.

We are all equal when we pull up to that drive-through window late at night and embarrassingly bark out an order for ask for 2 Big Macs and large fries.

Male or female, we all feel the same shame.

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