Watch: Fisherman Stumbles Upon Snakes Engaged in Epic Tug of War

A fisherman in Kentucky could not believe his eyes when he stumbled upon a pair of stubborn snakes engaged in an epic tug of war over some food. Alex Yuastella reportedly spotted the strange scene as he was about to start fishing at one of his favorite spots near Louisville. While contemplating what bait to use on this particular day, he noticed "something splashing close to the bank a few feet away from me." His curiosity piqued, Yuastella ventured over to investigate and was stunned to that the commotion had been caused by a pair of snakes battling for a fish.

Quickly pulling out his cell phone to film the showdown, he marveled, "it was quite the sight to see." An avid outdoorsman, Yuastella noted that these particular creatures were water snakes and surmised that one of them had caught the fish and returned to shore where they were met by another snake seeking to steal their catch. Check out the wild video and find out more about this story at the Coast to Coast AM website.