Video: Famed Balancing Rock Falls

A massive rock in Massachusetts that famously sat precariously perched on a boulder for thousands of years finally succumbed to the elements and came tumbling down this week. Located in the town of Holliston, Balancing Rock is believed to have been deposited in its now-former position by a melting glacier sometime between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago. Perhaps the most famous tale surrounding the site is an apocryphal story in which George Washington came upon the landmark in 1789 and marveled at the uniquely placed rock before trying, in vain, to knock it to the ground.

Over the course of subsequent generations, it had become something of a local tradition to push on the five-ton rock in a futile attempt to topple it, which may explain why it came as such a surprise when the landmark was discovered having been dislodged at last this past Tuesday. According to a local media report, it is uncertain exactly when Balancing Rock fell over as no one saw the moment it occurred and the unexpected turn of events was simply noticed by residents who could not believe the jarring sight.

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