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1 U.S. Official: Arresting War Crimes Perpetrators "Long Game"

A top U.S. official says apprehending those who commit war crimes is a "long game." Testifying at a hearing on U.S. efforts to support Ukraine against Russian aggression, U.S. ambassador for global criminal justice Beth Van Shaack said perpetrators will eventually want to travel and international prosecutors will be ready with indictments in hand. Still, Van Shaack said she's never seen this type of "international coordination" with regard to investigating Russia. She added there's a huge effort to document crimes that are being committed as the war between Ukraine and Russia rages on. The Prosecutor General of Ukraine alleges Russia's army has committed more than 98-hundred war crimes as of May 5th. Meanwhile, the White House is throwing some shade at Russian President Vladimir Putin for threatening retaliation if Finland joins NATO. Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Putin caused the ongoing turmoil in Eastern Europe by invading Ukraine. She advised Putin, "Look in the mirror." Psaki also noted the U.S. would support NATO applications from Finland and Sweden.

2 January 6th Committee Subpoenas McCarthy, Other Republicans

The House committee investigating last year's attack on the Capitol is sending subpoenas to Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and four other Republicans. Those four are: Ohio's Jim Jordan, Arizona's Andy Biggs, Pennsylvania's Scott Perry and Mo Brooks of Alabama. All five Republicans refused invitations to testify voluntarily and are closely aligned with ex-President Trump – and House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy is slamming the subpoena he received. McCarthy told reporters the panel isn't conducting a legitimate investigation. McCarthy accused committee members of going after their political opponents. The committee wants to hear about McCarthy's phone call with now-former President Trump on January 6th, 2021 – something he’s refused to address. Something he’s also refusing to address directly? The audio of McCarthy saying he was “done” with Mr.Trump.

3 Biden Directs Admin To Work Urgently To Solve Baby Formula Shortage

President Biden is directing his administration to work urgently to solve the baby formula shortage across the U.S. So said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Biden has met with retailers and infant formula manufacturers. He promises full help in ensuring that baby formula is safe and available across the country. Psaki said the President will use "every tool" available to the government to alleviate the crisis. On a related note, Republicans are angry with Biden for sending baby formula to the Texas border, to feed illegal immigrants, at a time when store shelves are bare. Florida Congresswoman Kat Cammack says the photos, showing pallets of baby formula, came from a processing center in the Texas border town of McAllen. Governor Greg Abbott has put out a statement, saying that American children "deserve to be put first."

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