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1 Alabama Prison Guard Dead, Escaped Inmate In Custody

The 11-day manhunt is over – Vicky White, the corrections officer that allegedly helped an Alabama inmate escape custody is dead. The man in question – Casey White – is back in custody. Officials say the pair were spotted in southern Indiana, a police chase ensued and after a wreck, Ms. White shot herself as officers moved in. While she was transported for care, Ms White ultimately died from her injuries. As for Casey White, he surrendered without issue and is awaiting extradition to Alabama. While the nature of the pair’s relationship hasn’t been confirmed, it’s been described as “special” and apparently went on for some time before Vicky White allegedly helped Casey to escape. Rick Singleton, the sheriff of Lauderdale County in Alabama, later told reporters, “This has ended a very long, stressful, challenging week and a half.”

2 Pentagon: Putin Spread False Claims About Ukraine In Victory Day Remarks

Russian President Vladimir Putin is continuing to say the invasion into Ukraine is "justified" and spreading misinformation about Nazis and nuclear weapons in their neighboring country. That’s what he said during his country’s “Victory Day” celebration yesterday. Along the way? Putin claimed the West was planning an attack and “gave him no choice” to attack Ukraine. Putin said soldiers were fighting heroically, but didn't reveal how much longer that will last. The White House is roundly ripping Putin’s remarks. Press Secretary Jen Psaki accused Putin of promoting "revisionist history" to defend Russia's war against Ukraine. She said Putin is running a "disinformation factory" that's "patently false and absurd." Psaki again accused Russia of committing atrocities and war crimes in a brutal campaign against Ukraine.

3 Senate Passes Measure To Protect Justices Immediate Family

A bill to extend security protection to immediate family members of Supreme Court justices moves on to the House after easily passing the Senate. The bipartisan legislation was passed yesterday as tensions run high following the leak of a draft opinion indicating the high court may overturn Roe v. Wade. The measure will allow the Supreme Court of the United States Police to provide around-the-clock protection. The legislation comes after protesters gathered in front of the homes of Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts over the weekend. Texas Republican John Cornyn co-sponsored the legislation. “Threats to the physical safety of Supreme Court Justices and their families are disgraceful,” he says in a statement. “And attempts to intimidate and influence the independence of our judiciary cannot be tolerated.”

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