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1 Dave Chappelle Attacked On Stage

Dave Chapelle is used to taking hits about his comedy, but not physical hits on his actual body during his performance. That’s what apparently happened at the Hollywood Bowl last night when Chapelle was on stage performing during the ‘Netflix is a Joke’ festival. Chapelle was wrapping his set when an as yet unnamed man jumped up on stage and tackled him to the floor. Security soon appeared. Chapelle’s fine – even joking about it afterwards – but fan video circulating online show that the assailant was taken away by ambulance…with an arm that’s bending the wrong way.

2 Biden, Dems Push Back At SCOTUS Draft

Demonstrations are spreading across the country as the country reacts to the apparent leak of a draft opinion that suggests the landmark Roe v. Wade decision could be repealed. But the reaction within the Democratic Party? Aside from launching a massive fundraising campaign, they’re pushing back in a big way. President Biden is very unhappy about the leaked draft of a Supreme Court ruling apparently overturning longstanding abortion rights. Biden said the landmark Roe versus Wade ruling has been the law of the land for nearly 50 years and should not be overturned. Biden argued that overturning abortion rights would be "quite a radical decision." He added it would be a "fundamental shift in American jurisprudence." Senate Democrats are also very angry about the leaked draft of a Supreme Court opinion that apparently overturns longstanding abortion rights.

3 Biden Condemns Atrocities, War Crimes In Ukraine

President Biden is condemning "atrocities and war crimes" being committed by Russian forces in Ukraine. Biden visited a weapons factory in Alabama and praised Ukrainians for their courage. The Lockheed Martin facility manufactures weapon systems such as Javelin anti-tank missiles that are being sent to Ukraine. Biden said Ukrainians making fools of the Russian military in many cases. Biden also cited an ongoing battle in the world between democracy and autocracy. He added – "If you don't stand up to dictators, they keep coming." Biden also urged Congress to quickly authorize roughly 33-billion dollars in additional assistance for Ukraine. He noted he has warned – "This fight is not going to be cheap."

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