3 Things To Know Today

1 Trump Blasts Politicians For Not Revealing COVID Booster Status

Former President Trump isn’t mincing words when it comes to politicians refusing to say if they’ve gotten a coronavirus booster shot. "They're gutless," he told "They're gutless," he told One American News Network. While he didn’t say specifically who he was referring to, a number of GOPers have hedged on the question – including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whose staff told Politico last week that they didn’t know if he’d been boosted because it was a "private medical" decision. As for Trump, he’s been perfectly frank about his status – and got booed over saying so at a recent event. Trump was President during the development of the vaccines – and more than a year after the push to vaccinate began, the CDC says 208-million Americans are fully vaccinated while more than 76-million have been boosted.

2 Delta Is The Most Deadly Covid Strain. Not Omicron

For all the rising panic over the Omicron variant, researchers have confirmed that the Delta variant of the coronavirus is still the most deadly strain in the U.S. In fact, Omicron is half as likely to cause hospitalization and when it comes to death? It’s 91% LESS likely when compared to Delta. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky also says she believes the majority of U.S. deaths are people who were infected with Delta and not the omicron strain of COVID-19. On top of that, Dr. Walensky says she feels the deaths are left over from the wave of Delta cases last year. CDC data shows based on a seven-day average, there are 16-hundred COVID-19 deaths a day nationwide. Last month, the Omicron variant became the dominant strain – and in a number of major metropolitan areas, Omicron cases are already trending downward.

3 House Minority Leader McCarthy Won't Cooperate With Jan 6 Probe

After blasting then-President Trump for “doing nothing” during the Capitol Riot last year – and later saying that he’d cooperate with the subsequent House investigation, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is now changing his tune. McCarthy says he won't work with the committee investigating the January 6th Capitol attack. In a statement issued late yesterday, the California Republican said he won't cooperate with the panel that "is not conducting a legitimate investigation." He also criticized the committee for the subpoenas it has issued and called out lawmakers for holding individuals in contempt of Congress. Earlier in the day, the committee sent a letter to McCarthy asking him for his "voluntary cooperation" and it pointed out that the Republican leader has previously acknowledged he had conversations with former President Donald Trump as the attack was ongoing.

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