3 Things To Know Today

1 Holiday Travel Nightmare As Thousands Of Fights Cancelled

Many travelers are spending the first days of the New Year waiting at the airport. Data from FlightAware shows over 45-hundred flights were canceled worldwide on January 1st alone – and that includes over 26-hundred U.S. flights. But not just cancellations – more than eight-thousand flights have been delayed. As for the “why,” carriers are blaming the mass cancellations on COVID-19 cases and winter weather. On that note, at least 1500 cancellations are expected today. At last check, Southwest Airlines has canceled 10% of its scheduled flights today, while JetBlue has canned about 12% of its flights. Can it be stopped? United Airlines is sure trying – the company has reportedly offered its pilots triple time pay if they’ll stay in the air this month.

2 The World Mourns As We Say Goodbye To Betty White

America’s favorite 'Golden Girl' has died. Betty White passed away just 18 days shy of her 100th birthday on New Year’s Eve at her home in Los Angeles. Betty, who got her start in radio, broke into TV in 1949 on a local talk show, “Al Jarvis’ Hollywood on Television.” When he left the show, she took over hosting duties. While she had a few shows of her own throughout the 1950s – including a variety show that in 1954 featured Black tap dancer Arthur Duncan as a regular. An unusual move - considering it was during the height of the civil rights movement - when Betty was told to fire him by execs. She declined...and featured Duncan even more. Betty’s most memorable roles came later in life. She played Sue Ann Nivens on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” starting in the fourth season – and won two out of the three Emmy Awards in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series category she was nominated for. Her Rose Nylund character on “The Golden Girls” was nominated seven times in Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series category, winning once in 1986.

3 Two Still Missing Following Devastating Colorado Fire

Colorado officials say they’re still searching for two people are still missing following the devastating wildfires that ripped through Boulder County late last week. Sheriff Joe Pelle and Governor Jared Polis are urging residents affected by the wildfires to make use of community resources, like a disaster assistance center set up in Lafayette to help victims with everything from insurance claims to mental health support. The Boulder County Fire burned over six-thousand acres as of Friday morning and destroyed nearly one-thousand structures. More than 35-thousand people were evacuated.

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