3 Things To Know Today

1 Wisconsin National Guard On Standby Ahead of Rittenhouse Verdict

The city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, is on edge as the jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial deliberates. The jury started deliberating yesterday morning and have asked for extra copies of the jury instructions. Closing arguments wrapped up yesterday with the defense saying the 18-year-old was justified in killing two men and injuring a third during protests last year in Kenosha. Prosecutors claim he provoked the shootings and could have run away. The state has 500 National Guard troops standing by in case the verdict sparks unrest. While local officials have yet to request the assistance, guard members are preparing for the potential request. There are already a number protestors already in town – and no matter which way the verdict goes, conventional wisdom suggests no one will walk away quietly.

2 FDA Expected To Authorize Pfizer Booster For All Adults

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to authorize Pfizer's-BioNTech's COVID-19 booster shot for all adults in the coming days. The FDA's decision could come as soon as tomorrow. This comes as the CDC's vaccine advisory committee is set to meet Friday to discuss boosters. Pfizer's booster shot is currently authorized for certain groups including those aged 65 and up and anyone at high risk of COVID-19 because of their jobs or if they have an underlying medical condition. Meanwhile, Pfizer wants the FDA to give emergency use authorization to its pill designed to fight COVID-19. The pharmaceutical giant says clinical trial data was given to regulators. Pfizer noted if it's authorized, the pill could be prescribed for high-risk folks to take at home when the first signs of COVID appear. The news comes after Pfizer announced it had reached a licensing agreement with an international public health group. That allows a generic version of the pill to be given to nearly 100 countries around the world.

3 QAnon Shaman To Be Sentenced Today For Capitol Attack

The man known as the ‘QAnon Shaman’ will be sentenced today for his role in the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol. Jacob Chansley was one of the most visible rioters as he posed in the House chamber, bare-chested, his face painted as he carried a spear and wore a horned helmet. Prosecutors are recommending that the 33-year-old Arizona be sentenced to more than four-years in prison. That would be the longest prison term so far.While Chansley has mostly recently disavowed his previous beliefs, prosecutors aren’t having it and want the court to make an example of him. "The defendant was among the first 30 rioters to penetrate the U.S. Capitol building," prosecutors wrote in their filing. "The defendant then stalked the hallowed halls of the building, riling up other members of the mob with his screaming obscenities about our nation's lawmakers, and flouting the 'opportunity' to rid our government of those he has long considered to be traitors."

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