3 Things To Know Today

1 Six Wounded After Shooting At Aurora's Nome Park

Police in Aurora, Colorado say six teens are in the hospital after a shooting at a local park. Officials say the shooting happened just before 1pm and that all the victims are students at Aurora Central High School, which is just across the street from the park. The incident is being described as a "drive by." If there’s good news, it’s that doctors say all the victims' injuries are considered non-life-threatening. But according to police, there are multiple suspects in the case who are still at large. Still, the greater concern for many is that violence is becoming too commonplace for young people. The school board president has expressed outrage, but so has Police Chief Vanessa Wilson. “I need the public’s help. I need us all to be outraged by what happened here,” Wilson said. “Obviously this is a very concerning incident for this city as well as for this nation. I think what we’re seeing is a public health crisis, really, when we think about gun violence anymore.”

2 President Biden Signs Big Infrastructure Bill

The big infrastructure bill is officially on the books. President Biden signed the one-point-two trillion dollar measure during a bipartisan event on the South Lawn of the White House yesterday. It marks a the first real legislative accomplishment during Biden's first year in office. Biden called it a big deal and added, "America is moving again." Biden said the infrastructure bill is proof that Democrats and Republicans can come together and deliver results. The measure covers an array of infrastructure needs, from highways and bridges to ports and water systems. Vice President Kamala Harris called it an “historic day” and acknowledged a bipartisan showing of mayors and governors at the ceremony. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the bill a great accomplishment "for the people." Infrastructure has been an elusive target for a string of prior presidents. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer praised Biden and argued that America's vast Infrastructure has been "stuck in the last century."

3 Fate Of Kyle Rittenhouse In The Jury’s Hands

The fate of Kyle Rittenhouse is now in the hands of a Wisconsin jury. He's the 18-year-old who’s claiming self defense with regard to the two men he killed and the paramedic he injured last year during protests. A judge is allowing lesser charges to be considered in one of the three shootings. Prosecutors argued for it in case the jury doesn't convict Rittenhouse on more serious charges. Jurors are set to start deliberations today. A charge that won’t be considered? The weapons charge – which many thought was one prosecutors would definitely win on. The charge was dismissed with the support of prosecutors. As for closing arguments, however, the defense said the prosecution's case has blown up and his client is innocent. Attorney Mark Richards said the people Rittenhouse shot and killed were the aggressors. Prosecutors, of course, see it differently. As they see it, Rittenhouse was a vigilante with a gun who created the situation he ended up in.

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