3 Things To Know Today

1 Officials: Five Inmates Escape GA Jail

Police in Georgia are on the hunt for four out of five inmates, who escaped a jail in south Georgia over the weekend . While one of the men - Tyree Williams Junior - has been captured, the remaining group includes two accused murderers (though all five have a history of violent crimes). The inmates reportedly escaped the Pulaski County jail Friday just after 11pm., stealing a white 2015 KIA Sedona van, with a Georgia license plate that reads CMP8628, from the jail's parking lot. Officials identified the men as Dennis Penix Junior, Brandon Pooler, Tyres Jackson and Lewis Evans III. Officials also said the group is armed with two tasers and warn against approaching them.

2 Former Trump Adviser Steve Bannon Expected To Turn Himself In Following Indictment

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon is expected to turn himself in this morning after being indicted by a federal grand jury for contempt of Congress. He’s also expected to face a judge this afternoon. As you might recall, Bannon has refused to honor a subpoena to testify before the House committee investigating the January 6th attack on the Capitol. He also refused to turn over documents to the committee. The House cited Bannon for contempt and the matter was referred to the Justice Department. A federal grand jury handed down the indictment. Attorney General Merrick Garland has released a statement saying the Justice Department is committed to the rule of law. That’s notable as former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has also refused to honor a similar subpoena.

3 Biden To Sign Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Today, As Poll Numbers Sink

President Biden and his administration are getting ready to celebrate the passage of one his team's priorities. As expected, Biden is set to sign the bipartisan infrastructure bill later today. The more than one-trillion dollar bill will pay for improvements to roads, bridges, airports, broadband, and other infrastructure nationwide. The president has said the legislation will make a big difference across the U.S. He’s surely hoping that the passage will help his sagging poll number, which have hit a new – record – low. A new Washington Post/ABC News survey reveals the President's popularity rating has dropped to 41%. Most interestingly? The poll found his support is slipping most among Democrats and Independents. Pollsters say the trend is likely a result of economic hardships affecting many Americans amid rising costs and soaring inflation. One bright spot for the White House? The poll showed a majority Americans do support the bipartisan infrastructure package.

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