3 Things To Know Today

1 Biden Promotes Infrastructure Bill; Will Sign Measure Monday

President Biden is promoting the big infrastructure bill in advance of it’s planned signing on Monday.The one-point-two trillion dollar bill got final passage in the House late last week. Speaking at the Port of Baltimore, Biden said the measure will make a big difference in the U.S. and called it a “monumental step forward.” Biden also got a briefing on supply chain bottlenecks from port officials. He acknowledged that prices on consumer goods are too high and said many people remain unsettled about the economy, despite an "historic" recovery. Supply chain bottlenecks are linked to the economic fallout from the ongoing COVID pandemic and are fueling inflation. The President said his administration is working aggressively with ports to clear supply bottlenecks. He stressed that the infrastructure bill will modernize American ports, rails, airports and water systems. Biden argued that it will create many good new jobs, calling it a "blue collar blueprint for America."

2 Kyle Rittenhouse Cries On The Stand

Fireworks and waterworks in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse yesterday. The Rittenhouse murder trial is adjourned after a blockbuster day of testimony. It started with emotional testimony from Rittenhouse, breaking down in tears on the stand as he described the violent confrontations during a social justice protest last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Later, the judge in the case yelled at the prosecution for alluding to a cellphone video of Rittenhouse taken well before the shooting that had already been ruled as inadmissible. The prosecution repeatedly asked Rittenhouse if he purposely meant to kill his victims – and Rittenhouse repeatedly said he was only defending himself. The prosecution is trying to make the case that Rittenhouse made the situation more dangerous by bringing his weapon. The 18-year-old is accused of opening fire on protesters during civil unrest over a police shooting, killing two men. The trial resumes today.

3 Federal Judge Tosses Trump's Case To Withhold Docs From Jan 6 Committee

A federal judge has dealt a blow to former President Trump, allowing the National Archives to hand over documents related to January 6th to the House select committee. "Presidents are not kings,” Judge Tanya Chutkan wrote. “And Plaintiff is not President.” The ruling means Trump won't be able to keep more than 700 pages of records related to events leading up to and about the January 6th attack on the Capitol from the committee investigating it. As Judge Chutkan noted, a former president's wishes couldn't overcome the decisions of the current president regarding protecting privileged information of the executive branch. As for Trump’s assertion that he was entitled to secrecy, Judge Churkan wrote that Presidential privilege "exists for the benefit of the Republic, not any individual.” To that end, Judge Chutcan noted that Congress and the courts “can access presidential communications when there's a need to inform the public.” Not surprisingly, the Trump’s legal team has already informed the court they intend to appeal.

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