3 Things To Know Today

1 Two Killed Near Hyatt Resort In Cancun, Mexico

According to local officials, two people are dead after a shooting near a Mexican resort popular with American tourists. According to reports, guests at the Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun were told to take shelter amid gunfire. In the end, it appears to have been an exchange of gunfire between rival drug gangs – the dead are reportedly members of the gang and the suspects are believed to have escaped by boat. As the investigation continues, American witnesses are posting videos of the frightened tourists online. Some are seen hugging as they got the “all clear” from the hotel.

2 House Dems Plan Vote On Biden Agenda Today

We’ll see how unified Democrats are today as the House plans to hold a vote on President Biden's big agenda items today. “The Hill” reports the Rules Committee met late last night to move final text of the social spending bill forward. Word is that the results of Tuesday’s midterm elections caused a number of changes. Lawmakers are expected to get together this morning and work towards voting on the package, as well as the larger bipartisan infrastructure bill. The infrastructure bill cleared the Senate back in August. Here’s the thing, while items such as paid family leave have been added back to the social spending package, Senator Joe Manchin, who has been resisting his party’s demands could strip the added provisions from the bill that the Senate ultimately votes on. There’s no word on when the Senate might take up either bill.

3 WH Confirms Report Of Payments To Migrant Families

After President Biden rather forcefully denied that there were negotiations to pay illegal migrant families $450-thousand, the White House is backpedaling. Biden called the report saying his administration plans to pay 450-thousand dollars to migrant families "garbage," adding "that's not gonna happen." Since then, the ACLU refuted Biden's claim, saying they were negotiating the payments with the Department of Justice themselves. Hours after that, White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed negotiations are taking place to settle lawsuits brought by the families separated during Trump administration. Jean-Pierre also said that the President was “perfectly comfortable” compensating affected families — just not at a rate of $450,000 apiece. She declined to elaborate on what number Biden might be comfortable with, but pointed the finger at the Trump administration for putting the Biden administration in this position to begin with.

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