3 Things To Know Today

1 Officials Confirm Four Americans Evacuated From Afghanistan

While there are still more than 100 American citizens trapped in Afghanistan, four apparently escaped over the weekend – and the State Department says they assisted the unnamed people and that the Taliban didn't interfere. The American embassy greeted those who were evacuated once they were in the country that wasn't named. But what about those still stuck? Congressman Michael McCaul tells "Fox News Sunday" that he believes 'zero people' have made it out since American troops pulled out of the country on August 31st. McCaul also says that's because the Taliban are holding them hostage. To illustrate that point, there are reports of several planes sitting on the tarmac in Kabul with hundreds of evacuees on board. The Taliban is reportedly not allowing the planes to leave. Why? According to sources, they want to be officially recognized by the United States and other world powers. When asked about that overnight, President Biden said such recognition is “a long way off.”

2 Biden To Visit NYC To Tour Areas Ravaged By Remnants of Hurricane Ida

President Biden will visit New York City today to tour neighborhoods in Queens ravaged by the remnants of Hurricane Ida. That's where record rainfall claimed over a dozen lives last week, many of the victims having been trapped in flooded basement apartments. The president will also pay a visit to New Jersey – where at least 27 people died and four more are reportedly still missing. Motorists who drowned in their trapped vehicles accounting for most of the fatalities. Biden toured flood-ravaged Louisiana last Friday. Federal disaster declarations currently cover Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Westchester County in New York as well as Bergen, Gloucester, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Passaic and Somerset counties in New Jersey. At last check, the damage in New York has been tallied at at least $50-million.

3 Daily COVID Cases Quadruple, Hospitalizations Up 158%

Doctors are being forced to make life or death decisions in the COVID crisis. Many say they're on the verge of choosing who gets an ICU bed. This, as some states, like Mississippi and Alabama, have already hit capacity. Many hospitals in Texas have also run out of ICU beds. Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Hawaii, Oregon and Idaho are facing shortages as well. Overall, the number of patients is up 158-percent from this time last year. Daily deaths are nearly double, while cases are four times as high. On a related note, Dr. Anthony Fauci says there is still a plan in place to roll out COVID-19 booster by the September 20th deadline. While the jury is still out and officials at the FDA are still trying to figure out who will get the latest round, Fauci tells CBS' “Face the Nation,” that he doesn't expect any delay.

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