3 Things To Know Today

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1 Investigation Continues After Lackland AFB Lockdown Lifted

The military is still investigating after two people may have opened fire at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland. Lackland was locked down for a time, but that has been lifted, and no injuries have been reported. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Brian Loveless says gunfire was reported late yesterday morning outside one of the gates, but it has not been confirmed. What they’re trying to figure out now? If the gunfire report was true or a false alarm. The investigation continues.

2 JBS Paid $11M To Resolve Ransomware Attack

The world's largest meat company is revealing it wrote a massive check to resolve last week's ransomware attack. JBS USA says it paid 11-million dollars in bitcoin "to prevent any potential risk" for customers. JBS noted most of its facilities were operational at the time of payment. The company had to temporarily pause production at its plants because of the cyberattack. It impacted facilities in North America and Australia. But that’s not all they’re shelling out these days. JBS will pay out up to five-point-five-million-dollars – in actual currency – to end a lawsuit surrounding discrimination claims involving about 300 employees at the company's Greeley, Colorado plant. They claimed they were discriminated against because of their race, religion or the fact they were immigrants. That included accusations from Muslim workers who said they were harassed as they were trying to pray while on breaks.

3 Company Behind Keystone XL Pipeline Drops Project

The company behind the Keystone XL Pipeline is officially scrapping the project. Canada-based TC Energy decided to pull out after President Biden revoked its permit earlier this year. The company promised to make sure they safely exit the project. The Keystone pipeline was slated to carry oil from Canada though Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska for the Gulf Coast. It was opposed by environmentalists. "The cancellation of Keystone XL is a reminder that this project was never needed and never in the public interest,” David Turnbull, strategic communications director with Oil Change International, said in a statement. “And that it is time for the fossil fuel era to rapidly come to a close."