3 Things To Know Today

1 Hacker Mistake Nets US Millions In Return Ransom

The Department of Justice has recovered two-point-three-million dollars of the ransom Colonial Pipeline paid to hacking group DarkSide. Apparently, the FBI obtained the password to the hacker's Bitcoin account. During a news conference, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said "today, we turned the tables on DarkSide." Monaco said this is not the first time the government has seized cryptocurrency in connection to ransomware attacks. She also noted severe attacks of that nature pose a clear and present danger to major corporations in the U.S. Monaco says the Justice Department will "spare no effort" in their response to ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure.

2 VP Harris Hitting The Road As Immigration Czar

While Vice President Kamala Harris was tapped as an ‘immigration czar’ back in March, she’s also faced significant criticism about the fact that she’s never even been to the Mexican border. That’ll change today as she finally meets face to face with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. This follows her visit to Guatemala, which saw her deliver a direct message to thos thinking of making the dangerous trek to the United States: "do not come." Ms. Harris said the U.S. will continue to secure the border and those who come illegally will be turned away. She said her conversation with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei was "robust, candid and thorough." Both countries agreed to create a smuggling and human trafficking task force, a young women's empowerment initiative, and an anti-corruption task force.

3 Suspects In Road Rage Killing Of Child In Court Today

The two people suspected in a road rage shooting that left a six-year-old dead in Southern California will face a judge today. The couple – 24-year-old Marcus Eriz and 23-year-old Wynne Lee, were arrested Sunday night for killing little Aiden Leos who was on his way to kindergarten. Not just the suspects, police have recovered the gun they believed was used in the shooting, as well as the vehicle the suspects were driving. The search for the suspects captured nationwide attention and a reward that grew to half-a-million-dollars. "While these arrests will not ease the pain of a mother's loss, my hope is for the Leos family to have some peace of mind,” says CHP Commissioner Amanda Ray said in the release. “And to rest assured the CHP will work with the Orange County District Attorney to bring justice for Aiden.”