3 Things To Know Today

1 Meat Supplier JBS Is Victim Of Cyberattack

The world's largest meat supplier says it was the target of a cyberattack. JBS says the hacking affected some of its servers for its North American and Australian operations. The company says it's not aware of any sensitive information being breached and that once it learned of the hack, it shut down the affected systems and notified authorities. "The company’s backup servers were not affected,” the company says. “And it is actively working with an Incident Response firm to restore its systems as soon as possible." So far, the attack has halted processing at one of Canada’s largest meatpacking plants, while operations across Australia have been disrupted as well. In a statement, JBS, which has its U.S. headquarters in Greeley, Colorado, said the attack affected some of its servers supporting its North American and Australian IT systems. There’s no word on how American consumers will be affected.

2 Miami Police Confirm 2 Dead, 20 Hurt In Florida Banquet Hall Shooting

Investigators say they've found the vehicle involved in a mass shooting in Miami over the weekend – the apparently stolen Nissan Pathfinder used by gunmen in the early Sunday morning shooting was found submerged in a canal. According to police, three gunmen got out of the SUV and opened fire at a group outside a banquet hall where a rapper was holding a release party. At last check, two people were killed and of the 21 others injured, 13 remain in the hospital – three are critical. Meanwhile, the reward for information that leads to the arrest of those responsible is topping six figures. Miami businessman Marcus Lemonis is offering 100-thousand dollars while the rest of the money is coming from authorities. While officials say they don't know the motive, they do believe two groups are at issue - and that the incident wasn't random.

3 TX Democrats Block Voting Bill By Staging A Walkout

Democrats in Texas are putting the brakes on a vote on a new election law...with their feet. Democrats in the state House blocked a vote by staging a walkout, robbing Republicans of the minimum number of lawmakers required to hold a vote. The election bill at issue would restrict absentee voting and ban practices like drive-through voting and 24-hour voting. There's still a chance it could get through eventually as Governor Greg Abbott indicated he's going to call a special session. He says election integrity and bail reform will top the agenda of a special session. Still, Abbott is vowing to veto part of the budget funding the legislative branch. The Republican tweeted that the veto was necessary because those who "abandon their responsibilities" don't deserve pay. Austin Democrat Representative Donna Howard criticized Abbott's tweet, saying it would basically create a monarchy.