3 Things To Know Today

Vintage movie countdown, illustration

Vintage movie countdown, illustration

1 Nashville Under State Of Emergency After Deadly Flooding

The city of Nashville is under a state of emergency after flooding left at least four people dead overnight. Mayor John Cooper says he's asking for state and federal help to deal with the flooding. Nashville first responders rescued at least 130 people from vehicles and homes as water rose – and last check four people have been confirmed dead – though the water is still rising. As for the dead, officials say two of the victims were found in or near their partly submerged cars. The bodies of the two other victims were discovered near a homeless camp along Seven Mile Creek. More than seven inches of rain fell in the Nashville Metro area over the weekend which is the second-highest total on record. "We send our deepest sympathies to the loved ones of the four Nashvillians who died,” Cooper said in a statement on Twitter. "Metro's first responders have worked tirelessly following the city's second-highest ever two-day rainfall, which flooded neighborhoods across the county."

2 New Poll Shows American Disapprove Of Biden's Handling Of Border, Gun Violence

As President Joe Biden attempt to move forward on his policy agenda, a new poll shows that most Americans actually disapprove of his response to gun violence and the influx of migrants at the border. Ipsos polled more than 500 Americans and found out that: About 57% disapprove of the President's handling of gun violence, even after several deadly shootings have happened throughout the country. Two-thirds said that the priority should be reducing gun violence by enacting new laws, not protecting the right to own a "wide variety" of guns. However, this number does include more than 90% of Democrats and just one in three Republicans. 57% disapprove of President Biden's response to the influx of migrants at the border, as well as the surge in unaccompanied children 54% of Americans referred to this influx as a crisis, and another 42% instead called it a serious problem 60% of Americans approve of the President's COVID-19 economic response Only 30% say that the President is making the country more united The President did receive bipartisan support when it came to the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine, with a 75% approval rating among those who responded. This included 53% of Republicans and 92% of Democrats

3 Tanzania Travelers Find COVID-19 Variant As Texas Numbers Keep Dropping

Texas' COVID numbers may have dropped for the 17th consecutive day, but travelers beware, as a new COVID-19 variant has been found in Tanzania. In fact, it's the most mutated variant of the coronavirus yet , and this strain has 10 more mutations thanany other version of the virus. Scientists are now calling for more monitoring in Tanzania. The new strain was found by Krisp, a scientific institute in that carries out genetic testing for 10 different African nations. This is the same institution that discovered the strain in South Africa last year. In order to combat this train, Krisp is growing this strain at laboratories to take a look at how it can evade antibodies. Tanzania had opened up their economy and stopped releasing data on coronavirus infections under former President John Magufuli. Since he passed away, his successor Samia Suluhu Hassan hasn't announced if she will change his policies. This comes at a time where after Texas lifted the mask mandate and allowed hospitals to reopen at full capacity, they are in their 17th consecutive day of seeing a decrease in COVID-19 cases and in hospitalizations.