3 Things To Know Today

Vintage movie countdown, illustration

Vintage movie countdown, illustration

1 Deadly Twisters Chew Through Alabama, Georgia

The clean-up has begun in parts of Alabama and Georgia as officials confirm at least five deaths and nearly 50-thousand are without power after a series of tornadoes touched down in Alabama – with another in Georgia. They’re not alone – as Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina were also beaten up by the string of storms. The fatalities, however were confined to Alabama’s Calhoun County, at last check, specifically, Ohatchee. To give you an idea of the ferocity of the storms, according to one radar record, a tornado covered a path of 100 miles – staying on the ground for around an hour and 20 minutes.

2 Biden Offers First, Very Controlled Press Conference

For the first time since he took office, President Biden held a press conference yesterday and it took on a different tone in a lot of ways. Yes, it was a calmer affair than we’ve become used to in the last four years. But also, Biden apparently took questions from a pre-approved list of reporters. Beyond that, the topics weren’t a surprise overall, but there was one: despite previously saying he. Expected to be a “one and done” President – he isn’t anymore. At yesterday’s event, Biden revealed that he does expect to run after all. Here’s a rundown of the event: "We can get this done." That's how President Biden described his administration's response to the growing surge at the southern border. He told reporters that he wants to solve the problem as quickly and safely as possible. The President cited serious problems in Central American nations that are prompting migrant treks to the U.S. While Biden has maintained that the current surge, which is the largest in 20 years, was the fault of the Trump administration, he also admitted that he’s rolled back a number of Trump policies. His explanation? That the policies weren’t working, were problematic legally and that they defied “dignity.”

3 King Soopers Donates $1M To Colorado Healing Fund

King Soopers is lending a hand to those affected by the Boulder, Colorado mass shooting this week. The grocery store chain announced it's donating one-million dollars to the Colorado Healing Fund. The group is helping those impacted by the massacre that left ten people dead at a King Soopers location this week. The chain will also provide mental health services and emergency paid leave to workers directly affected by the shooting. Meanwhile, the suspected shooter has made his first court appearance. He has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder as well as one count of attempted murder for allegedly shooting at a police officer who was not hurt. The man is being held without bail and his attorneys are seeking time for a mental health evaluation. To that end, he’s also been moved to an undisclosed facility amid reported death threats.