3 Things To Know Today

1 Judge Amy Coney Barrett Wraps First Day Of Questioning

While there were no “gotcha” moments during yesterday’s marathon round of questioning for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, her testimony is making news for an entirely different reason: she isn't taking or referencing any notes during her Supreme Court confirmation hearings. During day two of the proceedings, which lasted about 12 hours, Texas Senator John Cornyn asked Barrett to hold up her reference paper after several hours worth of answering questions. She held up a blank note pad with only a letterhead reading "United States Senate" on it. The courtroom broke out in laughter before Cornyn told her how impressive that is – as most of the senators have multiple notebooks throughout the process. As for the questions she was asked? The various legal topics included judicial activism, abortion rights, the upcoming election, gun regulations, religious liberty – and the Affordable Care Act.

2 FBI Agent: VA Gov Another Possible Kidnapping Target

It turns out, Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer wasn’t the only target of a group of anarchists. An FBI agent says Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was another possible kidnapping target. Agent Richard Trask has made that claim in court when discussing the group that's charged with planning to kidnap Governor Whitmer. Trask says Whitmer and Northam were targeted due to orders they issued to fight back against the coronavirus pandemic. Federal authorities have charged six people in the Michigan case while state officials have brought charges against seven. Northam has declined to comment on the investigation saying he doesn’t want to interfere. He did, however, thank law enforcement for their work in keeping him and his family safe.

3 Pfizer Plans To Include Children In Its Vaccine Trial

Pfizer plans to include children as young as 12-years-old in its trial for a COVID-19 vaccine. The F-D-A gave the drug giant permission to include younger participants in its clinical trial to see what effect the vaccine has on them and if its effective. Pfizer is one of a number of companies that are in the final stage of testing in hopes of having a coronavirus vaccine out soon. It’s considered a frontrunner in developing a coronavirus vaccine. That’s why this news is considered good news. The company started the final stage of trials in July and has said it expects to know whether their shot – a ‘one and done’ vaccine – works by the end of this month.