3 Things To Know Today

1 Hurricane Sally: Parked At The Panhandle

Hurricane Sally is still a Category One storm, but gaining strength as it inches closer to the Gulf Coast. Maximum sustained winds have increased to 90 miles per hour. The storm is expected to make landfall today – perhaps as a Category 2 storm – but her glacially slow pace has her already dumping plenty of rain on the Gulf Coast in the meantime. Once she does arrive? Sally is expected to bring dangerous storm surge and "historic life-threatening" flash flooding is likely. And if what locals are seeing already is any indication, the storm surge and flooding will be as bad as experts are predicting. In fact, thousands of people in several coastal communities have already been evacuated. At last check, more than 150-thousand people are already without power. Sally is currently moving at about two-miles per hour and may make landfall at about 7am.

2 Massive Settlement In Breonna Taylor Case

There's officially a settlement in the Breonna Taylor case. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer announced the details today after Taylor was shot and killed in March during a no-knock raid. The deal includes a payment of 12-million-dollars, but police reforms are also part of the package. Family attorney Ben Crump said what was most important to him and the other attorneys is what mattered the most to Taylor's family. Crump also said the settlement could serve as an inspiration for other cities across the nation. Another family attorney, Lonita Baker, said a deal like the one that was reached is very rare. However, she asserted there are many layers to getting justice for Taylor – among them – criminal charges for the officers involved. Jefferson County Attorney Mike O'Connell said he tried to think about the case in personal terms. He explained that for him, it was about how he would react if Taylor was his daughter. He praised everybody involved in settlement negotiations. O'Connell said he hopes the agreement leads to Louisville becoming a more just city.

3 Trump Hosts Signing Ceremony On Middle East Accords

President Trump is predicting great things ahead in the Middle East. Trump hosted a White House signing ceremony for the new normalization accords between Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, U-A-E. He called it “the dawn of a new era” in the volatile region. Trump also labeled it a great day for the world and for peace. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu argued that the accords could lead to the end of the Arab-Israeli conflict "once and for all." Netanyahu said he is filled with great gratitude and he thanked President Trump for his administration's work in brokering the accords. Trump said many other Arab nations are "ready to follow" during some earlier remarks. Trump stressed that peace accords are happening in the Middle East without "blood in the sand."