3 Things To Know Today

1 The Death Toll Rises As More Than 3M Acres Are Torched In CA Alone

Fires continue to rage on in the west and the death toll is rising in what seems like a never-ending battle against wildfires in California, Oregon, Washington and other western states. At least 17 people are now dead because of these wildfires and tragically, officials believe that number will continue to rise. Over three-million acres have been destroyed and dozens of fires continue to ravage cities and residents. Thousands have been evacuated while thousands more have lost everything as the fires continue to destroy everything in its path. Many of the fires in Oregon are still 0% contained including the Beachie Creek and Riverside fires (they have burned more than 182k and 112k acres, respectively). Meanwhile, Oregon lawmakers are pleading with President Trump to approve emergency disaster funding to aid the state's battle with the wildfires. At last check, 10% of the residents in the state of Oregon have been ordered to evacuate. Air quality alerts remain in effect from Washington to central California due to all the smoke from the wildfires.

2 Russia, China and Iran Up The Cyberattack Ante With The US Election

With the election just a few months away, hackers with ties to Russia, China, and Iran are attempting to play a role in the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. People and groups that are involved with the presidential election, need to stay alert according to Microsoft. The Russian hackers who breached the 2016 Democratic campaign are again involved, according to officials.Microsoft said it was "clear that foreign activity groups have stepped up their efforts" targeting the election. Both President Trump and Joe Biden's campaigns are targets of these hackers. Chinese hackers had launched attacks targeting individuals connected to Joe Biden's campaign, while Iranian hackers have continued efforts targeting people associated with the Trump campaign. The good news is that most of the cyber-attacks have not been successful, according to Microsoft. The attacks have also not been launched on groups that handle the voting systems themselves.

3 Trump: U.S. Is 'Rounding The Corner' On COVID

President Trump says the U.S. is beginning to turn a corner in its fight against the coronavirus. He told reporters the country is recovering unlike any other across the world. He also noted the problems various European countries are now having with the virus. He’s not wrong – Europe is now surpassing the United States with the number new cases. The 27 countries in the European Union plus the U.K., Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein recorded 27,233 new cases on Wednesday, compared with 26,015 for the U.S. With regard to our progress, Trump said it's critical colleges and universities remain open and he stressed the importance of in-person learning.

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