3 Things To Know Today

1 ICE Arrests Thousands In Nationwide Immigration Crackdown

Officials have confirmed more than two-thousand arrests were made yesterday as part of a nationwide operation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The operation allowed ICE agents to make arrests at homes and worksites over a six-week period dating back to July. The agency explained they were aiming to get undocumented immigrants, and those convicted of or facing criminal charges. According to Henry Lucero, the executive associate director of ICE who's in charge of apprehensions, detention and deportations, most of the arrests – to the tune of 85% – involved convictions or charges having to do with sexual offenses, domestic abuse, robbery and other crimes. Other arrests had to do with immigrants ordered to leave the country, but stayed.

2 President Trump Calls Violence in Kenosha, Acts of 'Domestic Terror'

President Trump came, saw, spoke...but he didn’t meet with the family of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin – and apparently, that was by mutual agreement. Trump reportedly feels the family’s request to have a lawyer present was "inappropriate," and Blake’s family wasn’t interested in playing politics. As for Mr. Trump, after touring some of the damaged areas, he spoke at a law enforcement roundtable. There, he said the violence in major cities across the country is not peaceful protests but "domestic terror." He also said he “strongly supports” the use of the National Guard to help put an end to the violence.Trump said he cherishes law enforcement and he condemned dangerous anti-police rhetoric. And while he noted that there are “bad apples” within law enforcement, he also said he believes they are taken care of through the system.

3 Report: Thousands Of PPE Loans Awarded Improperly

According to reports, thousands of Paycheck Protection Program loans aren’t going to where they’re supposed to be. And we’re not talking about a few thousand bucks. A House Oversight Committee report shows about ten-thousand loans worth over a billion dollars went to companies that received more than one PPP loan, which is a violation. Another 11-thousand totaling three-billion were given to businesses that did not include complete information from applicants. As you’ll recall, the program was meant to help small companies navigate economic hardships brought by the coronavirus pandemic. It expired last month, but funds are still available from Congress.

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