3 Things To Know Today

1 Trump Recognizes Sacrifices Americans Are Making Amid Pandemic

President Trump says all Americans are being called on to make sacrifices to stop the spread of coronavirus. At a White House briefing, the President said businesses are also doing their "patriotic duty" to save lives. And yes, Trump says he believes some of the social distancing habits could go on long into the future, even after the virus is gone. Speaking to reporters, Trump hopes to see the light at the end of the tunnel after that period. Trump thinks it will be like a "burst of light" when we reach that point. He again referred to COVID-19 as the "invisible enemy." Something else that’s an enemy? Bandwidth. As more Americans stay home, many are online. With so many people at home, Trump says he’s concerned about maintaining full Internet service in the weeks ahead and had a group call with those companies. In a statement from the White House, the President thanked service providers and their staff for their "tireless work to keep Americans connected during this time of social distancing." Trump called it part of the "all-of-America response" to the pandemic.

2 Tornadoes Rip Through Alabama, Mississippi

Severe thunderstorms yesterday dropped multiple tornadoes across of Alabama and Mississippi yesterday – as nasty weather slammed parts of Georgia, northern Florida, and the Low Country of South Carolina. The great news? While at least three twisters were counted and damage was moderate, there were no reports of serious injury or death. In Mississippi, George County Sheriff's Department Emergency Coordinator Doug Adams said the damage was mainly structural and included downed power lines and trees. "It could have been a lot worse, with school being out and everything," he explains. "We were very lucky."

3 To Mask, Or Not To Mask...That Is The Question

U.S. Health officials are debating whether to implement a nationwide face mask guideline to protect Americans from coronavirus. While some officials say “yes,” U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams is pushing against it. Adams says face masks are not an effective enough way to prevent COVID-19 because you can still transfer water droplets containing the virus when you touch your face to adjust the mask. Meanwhile, the CDC is considering making such a recommendation, but wants to protect the availability of protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers, adding they don't want to make it worse. Adding to the confusion in messaging, the World Health organization says people who are sick should wear masks to prevent spreading the illness, even if it's not a medical grade mask. WHO Executive Dr. Mike Ryan also says there isn't enough proof to show wearing a mask would prevent a healthy person from getting sick.

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