3 Things To Know Today

1 Trump Claims Lives Will Be Saved By Extending Coronavirus Guidelines

President Trump says he’s got a good reason for shifting from his Easter goals – he says lives will be saved by extending the administration's coronavirus social distancing guidelines until April 30th. The President extended those guidelines after previously saying he had hopes the nation would be open by Easter (April 12th). After speaking with his Task Force, Trump said the next month is crucial in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. To that end, the President is also dropping another big number: one-million. That’s how many people he claims have been tested for COVID-19. “The numbers have been incredible on testing,” Trump offered in a press conference. “In the days ahead we’re going to go even faster on testing.” Speaking of which, he praised a new test from Chicago-based Abbott, which can produce results in minutes. The president noted that the FDA was able to approve the test in four weeks instead of the normal months-long approval process.

2 Americans Split On Government's Coronavirus Response

Americans are divided over the federal government's response to COVID-19. A new Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey shows 48% think the feds have done a good job preventing the spread of coronavirus. On the flip side, 52% rated the federal government’s response as "fair" or "poor.” About three quarters of those polled feel they would be somewhat ready to handle a coronavirus infection, whether it be themselves or a loved one. Thing is? It’s not just the federal response – Americans have plenty of thoughts about their local leaders. According to the poll, 67% described their state government’s handling of the crisis as “excellent” or “good” and about the same number say their local governments are doing just as well. “Overall the public is worried about the worst and still optimistic about a recovery in a few months and are reserving judgment on all levels of government," notes Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll polling director Mark Penn. "In terms of economic stimulus, the message is clear: do it all. Even spending $2-trillion gets support from eight in ten."

3 How Dealing With COVID-19 Is Affecting Taxpayers

They say there are two things you can’t escape: death and taxes. And while we’ve been given a reprieve in filing our taxes this year – it’s been moved from April 15th – to July 15th – experts say you shouldn’t delay filing. Yes, the IRS and most states have given taxpayers a grace period to get their returns filed, along with any fees they owe...but CPA Ed Zollers with Thomas, Zollers and Lynch says it’s a good idea to get returns filed as soon as possible. While Congress is expected to make some changes, they won’t affect your 2019 return, a lot gets lost in the wash when you put things off. For a complete list of tax tips you can find them on the I-R-S website at: irs.gov.

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