3 Things To Know Today

1 Trump Signs Stimulus Bill, But Is Refusing To Comply With Transparency Measures

In case you missed it, President Trump has signed the massive stimulus bill after final passage by the U.S. House. The two-trillion dollar measure is the biggest economic rescue package in American history. The package passed in the Senate late Wednesday night. Trump signed the bill during a brief ceremony in the Oval Office. He said it will deliver urgently needed relief to families and businesses. Under growing pressure, Trump also noted he has invoked the Defense Production Act and has ordered GM to start making ventilators. A growing concern for many? With regard to the corporate bailouts, the President is refusing to provide documentation for audits into $500-billion those companies are receiving – specifically, how they’re spending those funds. Meanwhile, more low-income Americans will be able to receive a 12-hundred-dollar coronavirus check because of a last-minute revision to the stimulus package. Initially, Congress passed the recovery package that included one-time payments of up to 12-hundred dollars to most Americans who filed tax returns last year. A 600-dollar minimum payment would go to those with little income tax liability. After a last-minute revision to the bill Friday, Americans with little or no tax liability will now be able to get 12-hundred dollars. To qualify, they must have filed a tax return in the past two years.

2 Trump Extends Social Distancing Guidelines To April 30th

President Trump is extending the White House's social distancing guidelines for coronavirus until at least April 30th. Speaking at the White House, Trump said the peak of coronavirus deaths could hit in the next two weeks. While he previously hoped that the country would be re-opened for business by Easter, he’s now prediction that the country will be getting back on track by June 1st. As part of that? Some great news about testing. Specifically, officials say that there's a new test, which can give confirmed results in as little as five minutes. Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci says there could be up to 200-thousand coronavirus deaths in the U.S., but that he doesn't "want to be held to that” as the coronavirus is a "moving target." Fauci added that the number of cases will likely go into the millions.

3 Tornado Causes Extensive Damage In Jonesboro

Arkansas officials say a tornado has caused extensive damage in Jonesboro, a city of about 75-thousand people in the northeastern part of the state. Amazingly, just six people reported minor injuries – no fatalities were reported. The twister moved through town at about 5pm Saturday evening – and was even caught forming on camera during the evening news . In the end, the tornado flipped cars and did severe damage to a large number of homes, several downtown buildings and the local mall. Several hangars at the airport were also damaged. As for the intensity, it’s believed the twister was at least an EF-3 on the 0 to 5 scale.

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