Senate Passes Massive Stimulus Package

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The Senate is sending a roughly two-trillion dollar stimulus package to the House after passing it tonight. The bill will send cash to businesses and individuals to help keep the economy going during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Most Americans who make less than 75-thousand a year will get a 12-hundred check. Families will also get an additional 500 for each child. There is also money set aside for small businesses in the form of loans. It also expands unemployment insurance for workers. However, if those companies do not lay employees off, those loans will be forgiven. There are additional funds to help the health care system deal with the pandemic, and money to loan big businesses that have been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis.

The Senate moved quickly, putting together the largest stimulus package in the nation's history in about five days. Still, it wasn't fast enough for Republicans who blamed Democrats for dragging it out when the economy needed immediate help. The fate of the bill in the House is unknown. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has suggested trying to pass it by unanimous consent, since most members are out of town and the body is in recess. However, some members of Congress have raised doubts about the bill and it would take only one no vote to derail it. Getting the House back together quickly during a pandemic with many cities and states in lock down might be difficult.

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