3 things To Know Today

1 Winter Storm Ezekiel Slams Into Midwest, Northeast

Winter weather is making it difficult for folks trying to get home from their Thanksgiving holidays. Over 45-hundred flights have been delayed across the U.S., with hundreds more cancelled. As you likely know, two major storm systems are affecting some 56-million people from the Midwest to the East Coast. In Chicago, a mix of rain and snow is making travel to and from there difficult. On the East Coast, about 60-million people from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire remain under winter storm warnings that will be in effect through tomorrow. Adding to the general misery? Tragedy. At last check, seven deaths have been attributed to the nasty weather.

2 White House Won't Participate In Judiciary Committee Hearing

After months of decrying the impeachment process as a “hoax,” and something without Due Process, President Trump has confirmed that he won’t be participating in this week’s impeachment hearing with the House Judiciary Committee. The Judiciary Committee is set to hold its first hearing on Wednesday and it invited White House lawyers and President Trump to take part – something he’s mused about doing. But last night, White House Counsel Pat Cipollone says ‘Team Trump’ is taking a pass. He also slammed lawmakers for not outlining which witnesses would testify and accused them of scheduling the hearing to coincide with Trump's trip to London to meet with NATO leaders. Is he completely out? That remains to be seen. The Judiciary sent a separate request over the holiday weekend, asking if the President will be mounting a defense in hearings expected to be held later this month. Cipollone says the White House is taking that request under advisement – the Committee deadline on that question is 5pm on Friday.

3 Newsweek Reported Fired Over Thanksgiving Trump Story

A "Newsweek" reporter has been fired over her article about President Trump's Thanksgiving plans is speaking out. Jessica Kwong wrote an article about Trump “golfing and tweeting” over the holiday, but that was before she found out he surprised troops in Afghanistan. Kwong says she sent the article in Wednesday, but sent an email to her editor with an updated version later. Kwong also says that while another reporter was writing the story about Trump being overseas, her article wasn't updated in a timely manner. “Newsweek” says they terminated her over the inaccuracy. Before all the pink-slipping, Trump had criticized the coverage from his Twitter account, saying he thought Newsweek had already gone “out of business.”

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