NASA Unveils New Spacesuits

Artemis Generation Spacesuit Event

NASA is showing off new spacesuits. The space agency unveiled two designs for the Artemis program that plans to put the first woman and next man on the moon by 2024. One of the suits will be worn by astronauts during launch and re-entry in the Orion spacecraft. The other will be donned during activities on the moon's surface, which NASA says has improved mobility.

Photo: Amy Ross, a spacesuit engineer at NASAs Johnson Space Center, left, and NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, second from left, watch as Kristine Davis, a spacesuit engineer at NASAs Johnson Space Center, wearing a ground prototype of NASAs new Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (xEMU), and Dustin Gohmert, Orion Crew Survival Systems Project Manager at NASAs Johnson Space Center, wearing the Orion Crew Survival System suit, right, wave after being introduced by the administrator, October15, 2019 at NASA Headquarters in Washington. The xEMU suit improves on the suits previous worn on the Moon during the Apollo era and those currently in use for spacewalks outside the International Space Station and will be worn by first woman and next man as they explore the Moon as part of the agencys Artemis program. The Orion suit is designed for a custom fit and incorporates safety technology and mobility features that will help protect astronauts on launch day, in emergency situations, high-risk parts of missions near the Moon, and during the high-speed return to Earth. (Getty Images)

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