3 Things To Know Today

1 Russia Explosion Linked To Experimental Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile

An explosion that ‘reportedly’ took place at a Russian military depot in Siberia last Thursday. Now we're learning more. According to reports, the deadly Russian rocket engine explosion involved a miniaturized source of nuclear energy. Experts are saying last week's blast appears to have been the result of the failure of an experimental nuclear-powered cruise missile – something NATO refers to as Skyfall. While news about the incident has been slow to emerge, it has been confirmed that at least five scientists were killed in the explosion. And while Russian officials initially denied any radiation release, it’s now revealed that the event was linked to a spike in radiation throughout the surrounding area 20-times normal levels. President Trump tweeted about the accident Monday, saying the U.S. has similar but more advanced technology. He said that the explosion has people worried about air quality around the Russian facility, adding, "Not good!" It’s not surprising that Russia wouldn’t tip their hand over what exactly blew up – or the radiation release. Don’t forget that they denied the gravity of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster for days after it happened. As it relates to this incident? While not naming Skyfall rockets directly, Putin bragged of a long range nuke that could strike any country in the world in his annual 2018 state of the nation address.

2 Trump Admin Defends Controversial New Rule On Immigration

The Trump administration is moving to make it more difficult for some legal immigrants to remain in the U.S. A new federal rule referring to “public charge” could prevent low-income immigrants who get food stamps, housing vouchers or other types of federal assistance from obtaining green cards and visa applications. During a White House briefing, immigration official Ken Cuccinelli [[coo-chin-ELL-ee]] said the rule isn’t intended to b punitive, but rather, it promotes self-reliance and self-efficiency. Cuccinelli is the acting director of the U.S. Citizenship and immigration Services. Cuccinelli noted that the new rule does not affect refugees or those who have sought political asylum. "Public charge is now defined in a way that ensures the law is meaningfully enforced and those that are subject to it are self-sufficient," he explained. The new “public charge” rule — set to go into effect October 15th could also mean those who are already here have to choose between forgoing services they need and being forced to leave.

3 Epstein's Lawyers Requested He Be Taken Off Suicide Watch

As conspiracy theories continue to abound about the death of Jeffrey Epstein, at least one question has been answered: why was Epstein taken off suicide watch. Apparently, defense lawyers were the ones who requested it. Sources are saying that the wealthy financier had been meeting with his attorneys for up to 12 hours a day before the attorneys requested he be taken off suicide watch in late July. One of those attorneys, Marc Fernich, is blaming jail officials saying they recklessly put the wealthy financier in harms way and didn't protect him as he waited for a trial on sex trafficking charges. Fernich also blamed prosecutors, the courts and the media. Speaking of prosecution, Attorney General Bill Barr says the investigation of into Epstein will continue. Speaking in New Orleans, Barr said investigators will continue looking into anyone who was complicit in a sweeping sex trafficking operation. Barr called himself “appalled” and “angry” about the death and said there will be accountability. Some of that "accountability" will come in the form of who exactly was guarding the convicted pedophile. Apparently, staffing shortages had one of the "officers" guarding Epstein wasn't a corrections officer, but rather a 'temp.' Meanwhile, Federal agents are searching Epstein’s former home in the Virgin Islands. The FBI were seen across Little Saint James in the US Virgin Islands yesterday – entering the convicted pedophile's private island home. There’s no word on what they found, or why “now.”

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