3 Things To Know Today

1 Jefferson City Was Slammed By EF-3 Tornado

Officials say the tornado in Jefferson City, Missouri was at least EF-3, with maximum winds of 160 miles-per-hour. That nasty business made a direct hit on the Capitol city – and as crews are still working to determine the damage and casualties, the good news is that it appears to be primarily to property. While 20 people were treated for injuries, no deaths were reported – unlike three hours to the southwest of Jefferson City, where three people died during a tornado. Emergency crews remain out in force throughout the state, looking for trapped survivors and clearing debris. Missouri Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe says there are no statewide injury numbers yet because the storm cell hit so many different areas. The White House says President Trump is monitoring the situation.

2 The War Of Words Continues Between The President And Pelosi

Just when we thought that the tension could get any thicker on Capitol Hill, hatchets began hanging in the air – courtesy of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi AND President Trump. Yesterday began with a briefing from Pelosi – where she didn’t mince words and raised serious questions about Trump's mental stability. After suggesting he had something of a meltdown at the previous day’s meeting, Pelosi said members of Trump's family or administration should consider staging an "intervention" with the President. She also said she’d “pray for him.” As we told you yesterday, Trump had already disputed reports about his demeanor at the three-minute meeting with Democrats – insisting that he was very calm. As for Trump, he’s calling Pelosi’s comments “a nasty statement.” Speaking at an event, he the "rage narrative" false and is being promoted by a "Fake News Media." He called the media “corrupt” and referred to Pelosi as “a mess.” And he wasn’t above questioning Pelosi’s mental state either – saying she wasn’t able to comprehend the new North American trade deal. Not surprisingly, Trump also had some choice words for "sad" Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. And in an interesting moment during yesterday’s press event, the President polled a number of his staffers in front of the media to back up his assertion that he was calm when meeting with Pelosi and Schumer and said he could produce “25 more people to say the same thing.”

3 Trump Unveils Big Aid Package For Farmers, Ranchers

President Trump is rolling out a $16-billion aid package for farmers and ranchers. This, as many farmers and ranchers have been hurt by the growing trade war with China. "Our farmers will be greatly helped," Trump offered. "The $16 billion funds will help keep our cherished farms thriving." During a White House event today, Trump insisted that China will be paying for the U.S. aid through tariffs. Thing is, that's a position that many experts disagree with. Tariffs are paid by importers on the American side – and often, those costs are passed on to consumers. Still, the President insists China “will be paying billions.” The President said the trade situation with China has been worsening for many years and he blamed Democrats. Trump defended his tough stance on trade and noted ongoing negotiations with the Chinese.

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