3 Things To Know Today

1 Damaging Winds, Tornadoes Threaten South, Midwest As Midwest Flooding Continues

There's at least one death in a powerful late winter storm that's staring down nearly 80-million Americans. Dangerous blizzard conditions are hitting the Rockies and Midwest, damaging winds to Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana and strong storms to Mississippi and Tennessee. And while a tornado watch is out for eastern Arkansas, northwest Mississippi, western Tennessee, and far southeastern Missouri, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds has issued a disaster proclamation for his state while flooding is being reported in Nebraska. Don’t think you’re going to be affected? Think again. The nasty weather is grounding or delaying thousands of flights. More than two-thousand flights were canceled yesterday with nearly 22-hundred more delayed. If you’re planning to fly in the coming days, it would make sense to contact your carrier before heading to the airport.

2 Trump Reacts To Rebuke From Senate: "VETO!"

He hasn’t spoke out online as yet, but conventional wisdom is that we’ll soon hear President Trump’s reaction to the dozen Senate Republicans who joined Democrats in slapping down his declaration of a national emergency at the southern border. Under the emergency declaration, the President aims to divert Defense Department construction funds to help build a massive border wall. The Senate vote on a resolution of disapproval passed, 59-41. The resolution recently passed the House and now goes to Trump's desk – where it will be vetoed. That is, if President Trump sticks by his promise to do so. Once that happens, the resolution will head back to Congress and watchers say it’s unlikely that enough votes exist for a veto override. It will be Trump's first presidential veto. Supporters of Trump's declaration say it addresses a legitimate crisis at the border. Critics insist there is no emergency at the border and argue that Trump has exceeded his constitutional authority. The emergency declaration is also being challenged in federal court. As for Trump’s dozen defectors, they are: Lamar Alexander (TN), Roy Blunt (MO), Susan Collins (ME), Mike Lee (UT), Jerry Moran (KS), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Rand Paul (KY), Rob Portman (OH), Mitt Romney (UT), Marco Rubio (FL), Pat Toomey (PA) and Roger Wicker (MS).

3 More Lawsuits Against Elite Schools After Bribery Scandal

Two California college students are suing in connection to the massive college admission bribery scandal. The Stanford University students filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California and are seeking more than five million dollars in damages. The students claim they were denied an opportunity to gain legitimate admission to several schools and the degrees they are working towards may be devalued. As we told you before, 50 people have been charged in the scandal dubbed Operation Varsity Blues. Meanwhile, a California woman is launching a 500-billion-dollar lawsuit (yes, BILLION) in connection to the nationwide school bribery scandal. Jennifer Kay Toy has filed a class action complaint against actresses Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and 40 other defendants. The former Oakland teacher claims her son and other children did not get a "fair chance" in gaining admission to colleges and universities caught up in the cheating scandal.

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