3 Things To Know Today

1 Fight Over "Emergency" Declaration Is On

Once again, President Trump is insisting that a massive border wall is under construction – and has video to prove it. Trump tweeted yesterday, "THE WALL IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION RIGHT NOW!" As you’ll recall, Trump declared a national emergency at the southern border last week in an effort to get billions of dollars for a border wall. By making the declaration, Mr. Trump can start diverting Defense Department funds. But his detractors aren’t going down without a fight. As we told you before, the presidential declaration is being challenged by attorneys general in 16 states in federal court. But that’s not all – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the House will vote in coming days on a resolution rejecting the declaration…perhaps as soon as today. As such, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is urging his colleagues to support a resolution to terminate the declaration. Schumer says if the president's emergency prevails, then it will "fundamentally change the balance of powers" in the U.S. government.

2 Judge Tightens Limited Gag Order On Roger Stone

Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone tried again to explain his controversial Instagram post to a federal judge. Among other things, he called the posting a “momentary lapse of judgment.” He also said he didn't realize the artwork around the judge’s head was crosshairs. Judge Amy Berman Jackson didn’t buy it – and is now imposing a full gag order on Stone. What’s that mean? Judge Jackson informed Stone that he can make no further public comments about his case or Special Counsel Robert Mueller – and that includes social media posts. As for Stone’s apologies? Jackson said it "rings quite hollow." Stone is charged with witness tampering, obstruction of justice and making false statements to Congress. The case is related to Mueller's Russia investigation.

3 Coast Guard “Terrorist” To Remain In Jail For Now

The U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant arrested with plotting a massive domestic terror attack will remain in custody for at least two weeks as prosecutors build case. According to the federal indictment, Christopher Hasson intended to harm prominent Democrats and journalists. As for how the arrest went down, officials say the FBI and Coast Guard Investigative Service worked together to arrest Hasson on gun and drug charges. As we told you yesterday, that happened last Friday. Law enforcement found fifteen guns and more than one-thousand rounds of ammunition at his home in Maryland. In court, U.S. Attorney Robert Hur says the number of weapons seized at his residence is deeply concerning for public safety. Hasson's appointed attorney Julie Selzie says the government accusation that he was a "domestic terrorist" had a "lack of substance." And that may be something – as Judge Charles Day sees it, the Hasson’s Internet searches as outlined by prosecutors was not sufficient evidence to show Hasson's intent.

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