3 Things To Know Today

1 Former Air Force Intel Officer Charged With Spying For Iran

A former U.S. Air Force Intelligence specialist is being charged with spying for Iran. A newly indictment unsealed in federal court claims Monica Witt was targeted and recruited by Iran. But worse than that, Witt allegedly exposed the identity of at least one active US agent, including the codename and classified details of a secret US counterintelligence operation. Officials say she did it all in service to Iran. Apparently, Witt was a counter-intelligence investigator for more than a decade before going private. Her higher ups apparently knew she was being targeted by Iran – and warned her. Witt swore she’s maintain her oath. So what made her flip? Witt visited Iran in February 2012 to attend a conference on US cultural influence called “Hollywoodism.” Soon after, she reportedly converted to Islam and began speaking out against the United States. "It is a sad day for America when one of its citizens betrays our country," assistant attorney general John Demers said in a press briefing. "Espionage by past or current members of the intelligence community poses a threat to our country, and a heightened danger to their former colleagues." Witt defected to Iran in 2013 and remains at large.

2 President Trump Wants California To Pay $3.5-Billion

President Trump is calling on California to return three-and-a-half billion dollars for the bullet train project that he's calling a “green disaster.” California's new Governor Gavin Newsom said this week that he was scaling back the project to build a bullet train line from San Francisco to Los Angeles that was approved by voters in 2008. Earlier this week, Newsom said the project had been botched so badly and had overruns costs so much that he’s was scaling it back. Noting the state may restart the project in the future, Newsom says he’ll continue seeking federal and private-sector funding. Trump tweeted that the state wasted billions of dollars and the government wants its money back. “They owe the Federal Government three and a half billion dollars,” he wrote. “We want that money back now. Whole project is a ‘green’ disaster!” Newsom replied…also via Twitter. “We’re building high-speed rail, connecting the Central Valley and beyond,” Newsom replied. “This is California’s money, allocated by Congress for this project. We’re not giving it back.” And then adding a little partisan banter, Newsom added, “Also, desperately searching for some wall $$??”

3 Florida – And The Country – Reflect On First Anniversary of Parkland Shooting

The community of Parkland, Florida will mark the first anniversary of the mass school shooting that took the lives of 17 people last Valentine's Day. Survivors like Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Graduate David Hogg say, "you can't get over something that should have never happened." For current students, Stoneman Douglas will offer counseling and wellness activities and will encourage students to do service projects. Flags across the state will fly at half staff – as ordered by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Meanwhile, DeSantis has announced that a petition has been filed to form a grand jury to investigate the shooting. He was joined by families of the victims of the Parkland shooting. He says the purpose of the grand jury will be to identify and hold those accountable for the shooting and suggest measures to prevent future tragedies.

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