3 Things To Know Today

1 Trump Less-Than-Pleased About Tentative Budget

While President Trump may not be pleased about the deal lawmakers cut to avert another partial government shutdown, on Friday…it appears he’ll go along with it. During a Cabinet meeting at the White House yesterday, Trump again accused Democrats of being obstructionists and insisted that a massive border wall “is being built anyway.” No one’s sure what that means, but if he doesn’t sign it, one quarter of the federal government runs out of money again on Friday. His beef? The deal reportedly offers far less money for border security than the President wants. While he’s been demanding more than $5-billion, the agreement reportedly contains just $1.375-billion for his wall. Trump went on to say that he’ll “be adding some things to it,” he also said he doesn't think there will be another partial government shutdown. He also insisted it would be the fault of Democrats if there is. Taking to Twitter last night, he cheered the work done by Republicans. "I want to thank all Republicans for the work you have done in dealing with the Radical Left on Border Security," he offers. "Not an easy task, but the Wall is being built and will be a great achievement and contributor toward life and safety within our Country!"

2 Senate Backs Massive Public Lands, Conservation Bill

The bill to protect millions of acres of public lands is one step closer to becoming law. The Senate has approved a sweeping conservation bill that will create four new national monuments. The bill has wide support in the House and White House aides said President Trump is likely to sign it when it reaches his desk. In the age of caustic division, the Senate vote was 92-to-8, a rare overwhelming bipartisan vote. If it does become law it will protect hundreds of miles of wild rivers and according to the Congressional Budget Office, will save taxpayers nine-million-dollars. The bill would also designate one-point-three million acres as wilderness, which would prohibit roads and motorized vehicles. More than 370-thousand acres that are new national parks would no longer be available for mining. The House is expected to take up the bill after its February break.

3 McConnell To Bring Green New Deal To Floor For A Vote

“Put your vote where your mouth is” – that’s the message from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is promising to bring the Democrats’ Green New Deal to the floor for a vote. While it’s not expected to pass the Republican-led chamber, McConnell says he wants to give everyone in the Senate an opportunity to go on the record. Republicans want to use the vote as a campaign issue against vulnerable Democrats. As we told you before, the Green New Deal was introduced by Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey and New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Among other things, it calls for the nation to generate 100% of its power from renewable sources within 10 years to help battle climate change…and hopes to make air travel unnecessary.

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