3 Things To Know Today

 1 Trump Offers "Path Forward" To End Shutdown

Think President Trump is unable to compromise? He doesn’t think so – and in fact, says he got a plan to end the partial shutdown of the federal government. Speaking at the White House on Saturday, Trump asked for nearly two-billion dollars for humanitarian aid and increased Border Patrol security. And yes, he again called for nearly six-billion dollars to help construct strong barriers, "or a wall." But he also offered temporary protections for undocumented Dreamers. Trump called it a common sense compromise that should be embraced by Democrats and Republicans. Trump argued that there is a crisis at the U.S.-Mexican border that must to be resolved. He said the U.S. immigration system has been broken for too long and needs to be fixed. Trump described the border as porous, allowing the flow of illegal immigrants and illicit drugs. He argued that the American immigration system is a source of shame. Trump insisted, "These are not talking points." What’s the Democrats’ response? We had one before he even offered his ideas. Before Trump even gave his speech, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the offer a non-starter. She said Trump must end the shutdown before serious negotiations over border security can even begin. And after Trump’s speech? “What is original in the President’s proposal is not good. What is good in the proposal is not original,” Pelosi offered via Twitter. “Democrats will vote next week to add additional border security funding for ports of entry, advanced technology for scanning vehicles for drugs & immigration judges.”

2 Mueller's Office Disputes BuzzFeed Story Dealing With Cohen

Who to believe – a website that can’t prove its story exactly…or the spokesman for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who’s disputing a “BuzzFeed” story regarding supposed statements from President Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen? In case you missed it, the story cited federal law enforcement officials claiming Cohen said Trump instructed him to lie to Congress about talks to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. The report prompted some of the President's critics to call for his impeachment, while some lawmakers promised to investigate the matter. But then, Mueller's spokesperson said the description of relevant statements to the Special Counsel's office “aren't accurate.” “Buzzfeed” is digging in and defending its story – saying they can’t go any deeper without revealing their sources. "This is obviously the highest stakes," says editor Ben Smith. "Our standards on this story were extremely high."

3 Trump-Kim Summit Planned For Late February

Sure, things appear to have gone off the rails a little bit since the first summit between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, but Mr. Trump is pressing ahead. There will now be a second summit between the men next month. While a site hasn’t officially been selected, there are reports suggesting it will take place in Vietnam. The announcement came after Trump met with a top North Korean envoy at the White House Friday. Apparently, they talked for about 90-minutes about the planned topics. As for what the upcoming meeting will entail, Vice President Mike Pence appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and says it will be about defining the “expectation for North Korea to take concrete steps to begin to make real the denuclearization that Kim Jong Un committed to.”

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