3 Things To Know Today

1 Trump's "Wall" May Be Changing Shape

President Trump is continuing to push for a wall on the southern border…but not the massive concrete structure he’s been touting for two years. Speaking to reporters at the White House yesterday, Trump said he wants a steel wall instead of a concrete wall. Noting that steel is “stronger, less obtrusive” and will “look better,” he allowed that it would be more expensive than concrete – but appeared to suggest that Democrats’ objections pushed that button. "They don't like concrete,” he added. “So we'll give them steel.” As for how he’ll pay for it, Mr. Trump says he's willing to work with Democrats on DACA – in an effort to get them to the table. Thing is? He wants the Supreme Court to rule on DACA first. Beyond that, Trump added that he may declare a national emergency to fund the wall if it comes to that because there's a crisis at the southern border. He said the influx of drugs, human trafficking and criminals constitute a national emergency.

2 Trump: I Can Relate To Government Workers Not Receiving A Paycheck

If you’re one of the 800-thousand federal employees who missed one paycheck and are staring down the barrel of another payday with no money coming in, President Trump has a message for you: he can relate. Speaking to reporters yesterday, Trump said he’s got the overwhelming support of furloughed workers. "I can relate," Trump offered. "I'm sure the people that are on the receiving end will make adjustments. They always do." He offered no proof of either position. For those keeping track, government workers haven't received a paycheck since the partial government shutdown began on December 22nd. And while some may get retroactive pay, contractors will just have to eat the loss. As for what’s next, Trump added he may declare a national emergency depending on what's going to happen over the course of the next few days.

3 An Arrest In The Murder Of Houston Girl

An update in the awful in the shooting death of Houston’s seven-year-old Jazmine Barnes. The Harris County Sheriff's Office has made one arrest, and is working to bring charges against a second suspect. During a press conference, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez revealed that 20-year-old Eric Black, Jr. has been formally charged with capital murder. Gonzalez says Black acknowledged his involvement in the incident and that a second person was also part of it. As you might recall, little Jazmine was shot and killed a week ago at a stoplight when bullets sprayed her family's vehicle. As it turns out, it may be a case of mistaken identity. “Our work is not finished,” Gonzalez noted. “But I believe the people of Harris County can take comfort in knowing we have made great progress.” Sheriff Gonzalez also clarified reports that the suspect may have been a Caucasian male driving a red truck. Gonzalez says that appears to be a case of “mistaken identity” as well – that the driver of that truck may have entered the freeway just before the shooting and was not involved. Still, he urges that person to come forward as a witness.

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