The Shocking Dangers of Swimming Pools

Swimming at public and private pools is a great way to cool down in the Texas heat, but when it comes to pool (and spa) safety, drowning is often the biggest worry for parents of young children.  Here's something else to think about... electrocution.   According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Red Cross, there have been over 60 deaths and nearly 50 serious shocks reported over the past 13 years involving electrical hazards in and around swimming pools.  Keep in mind these statistics were released in 2003.

The CPSC is most concerned about faulty underwater lighting; aging electrical wiring that hasn't been inspected in years; the use of sump pumps, power washers, and vacuums that are not grounded; and electrical appliances (such as radios and TVs) and extension cords falling or being pulled into the water. 

If you haven't inspected your pool's electrical wiring, it's money well spent.

Charity McCurdy

Charity McCurdy

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