T-Rex Was Really a Lovable, Misunderstood Reptile

Who doesn't love a good nuzzle?  

Dogs, cats, lions, rabbits, deer and horses are just a few of the animals that have been caught on camera snuggling and rubbing faces with their mates.  These images make most of us react with an "awww" and often wind up on traditional wall calendars or as wallpaper on our desktop computers.  

Now a new discovery reveals one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs that ever lived had a sensitive side too.  In the journal 'Scientific Reports,' researchers say the Tyrannosaurus Rex had a snout that was very sensitive to touch, similar to the sensitivity of human fingertips.  Scientists believe that snout played a role in mating, with male T-Rex and female T-Rex rubbing their delicate faces together as a form of stimulation or foreplay before mating.  

Good to know the Tyrant Lizard had a softer side, but really... What else would you expect from T-Rex? It's not like T-Rex arms are designed for hand holding.... or push-ups.

Charity McCurdy

Charity McCurdy

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