Netflexin' Your Opinion

"BMX Bandits", "Avalanche Sharks", "Johnny Mnemonic."  If the title sounds lame, it probably is.  Unfortunately, many of us don't take the extra 2 minutes to rate these "B" movies on the streaming service by selecting anywhere from one to five stars.  I'll admit, I've watched questionable films such as the 2012 movie, "Teddy Bear," about a shy 38 year old bodybuilder who lives with his mother and goes to Thailand in search of love.  Would I recommend it?  Probably not, but it was so bizarre I had to keep watching.

Thankfully the process of helping out your fellow Netflixer will be simplified.

Come next month, you'll never see another five-star rating on Netflix.  The streaming service is getting  rid of its one-to-five star user ratings, and will allow customers to rank movies with thumbs-up or thumbs-down (think Facebook).  The company said it tested the new ratings system last year and found that users volunteered 200-percent more ratings when their choice was up or down, rather than one out of five options.  The new ratings system will begin in April.

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