To the Moon and Back

SpaceX is hoping to take two private citizens to the moon and back.  CEO Elon Musk says the selected passengers have already laid down a significant deposit for their trip with the crew around the moon.  No details about the identity of the passengers or the price of the trip have been revealed.  The space flight will reportedly take place late next year.  The journey is expected to last 6 or 7 days.

If money wasn't an issue, would you do it?  I would... why not?  Sure, I'd read the fine print and determine the success rate of these types of manned missions before signing the dotted line, but talk about an unforgettable, life changing experience.  Second to safety, my only concern is the Maximum Absorbency Garment (MAG), or in layman's terms, the large diaper that's required to be worn during take-off.  Not exactly my desired outfit when experiencing a thrilling rocket ride to the moon or should I meet my maker.

Charity McCurdy

Charity McCurdy

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